Marketing Your Blog On Facebook Properly

1) Create a compelling business page

The first thing you need to do when it comes to Facebook marketing is to create a compelling business page.

You’ll need to get people to “like” or “follow” your business page.

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How to Improve Your Personal Communication Skills

As a blogger, it’s your job to communicate with your audience through writing.

Which means it’s important that you know how to be able to communicate with them through your blog.

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Productivity Hacks You Can Use

You may not know it, but time is king.

Your time as a blogger and internet marketer is valuable.

Which means it’s important that you stay productive.

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Making Social Media Work For You

We’ve already established that social media is more than just a place for socializing.

It has many uses especially for bloggers and internet marketers.

It’s a good platform to get traffic and leads from.

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5 Characteristics Of A Successful Blogger

1. A successful blogger proofreads his posts

Nobody wants to read a blog riddled with multiple spelling and grammatical errors. It’s okay to have one or two grammatical errors, but to have your posts full of them, well, that’s unacceptable.

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Tips To Overcome Blogger’s Block

Blogger’s block is a normal occurrence.

Every blogger experiences it at least once in their blogging careers. Now when you unfortunately catch the bug, what would you do?

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Tools You Can Use For Internet Marketing

Every blogger or internet marketer wants to have a successful online marketing campaign.

They want to establish the presence of their blogs and reach a wider market to boost their audience share.

Want to know how they do it? They use online tools, what else?

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How to Deal with Setbacks

Setbacks are normal. As a blogger or internet marketer, you’re bound to experience them one or the other.

Don’t worry. You can deal with them easily.

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List Building Mistakes To Steer Clear From

It’s been said before and I’m saying it again: list building is a crucial part of internet marketing.

You need to build your e-mail list just as you need to generate traffic.

Now with list building, especially if you’re a newbie, you’re bound to make mistakes.

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Traffic Generation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Generating traffic is a part of blogging and internet marketing.

In fact, without traffic generation, it will be hard for you to succeed in the World Wide Web.

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