Google Adwords Suspended My Account Permanently

After trying out free traffic in Internet Marketing, I quite sick of slow result. I heard paid traffic is fast. I did a small test before, it works!

I heard of Google Adwords is a very good paid traffic source. But I did not dare to get into as I heard many bad experience from many users, such as account being banned, cost of advertising is so expensive, google slapped and all.

After pondering for so long, today I decided to try out Google Adwords myself.

I have followed a home study course to setup a silo site which is a full site with navigation button. Added related keywords in every pages. Done my keyword research. Happily registered google adwords account and set up the campaign.

And this is the result I got today.

Google Adwords Suspended

Argh… my google adwords account has been permanently suspended.

Within minutes.

Hate it!

A brand new account and it got suspended? Google is getting stricter in any form of advertising. I don’t even know why I get suspended.

Now I have emailed them, awaiting for respond.

First paid traffic method, and it failed.

Haiz… Got to find a new way. I shall try Bing next. Shall keep you posted of my progress.