E-mail Marketing Do’s And Don’ts

E-mail Marketing word on puzzle in man handsDo’s

1. Be your own subscriber

How are you suppose to make others follow you if you don’t know how to lead? Specifically, how can you expect others to sign up to your updates if you refuse to take the initiative.

But more than that, signing up for your updates will allow you to see your e-mail alerts from your subscriber’s perspective.

It will help you check for errors and identify which type of e-mail alerts works best.

2. Keep your promise

If you promise a freebie to your subscribers, you have to keep it. If you promise a product launch, you have to follow through.

Trust me, your subscribers won’t be forgetting what you promised them. So if you’re thinking of bailing out on them, they will be disappointed with you.

And what will lead them? They’re likely to unsubscribe. Especially when you keep on doing it over and over.

3. See what works

Another thing you need to do is test to see what works. You have to understand that not all of your subscribers prefer to receive each and every of your e-mail blasts.

Of course, if you’re offering great content more often than promotional blasts, your subscribers are more likely to enjoy getting all those e-mail blasts. They will enjoy hearing from you and will probably look forward to receiving all your updates.

So make sure that you have them in mind, considering what type of content they want to receive, before you start crafting your e-mail alerts.


1. Spam your subscriber’s inbox

No one wants to receive endless updates in their e-mails. And your subscribers are no different.

Do you think they would want to hear from you a couple of times a day, let alone every single day? Not very likely.

If you want to keep your existing subscribers and generate more, you need to cut back on your e-mail alerts. Only send e-mail alerts when necessary or occasionally so you can touch base with them – like informative tips and content, promotional e-mails, reminders, etc.

2. Add unqualified subscribers

Building a list is not a numbers game.

Okay, maybe it is. But not so much that you have to add every single person to it regardless of whether they’re interested in what you have to offer or not.

What you need to do is add only the people who are already interested in what you can offer them and you are certain will read all your e-mail blasts. Otherwise, it will be of no use.

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