How To Organize Your Virtual Workspace

Business technologies todayAside from blogging, is your work mostly online?

If that’s the case, what does your virtual work space look like?

It may be cluttered for all you knew. Of course it’s important to have an organized online work space.

Otherwise how are you suppose to work seamlessly?

You may not know it but how your virtual work space can greatly affect your productivity.

Imagine looking for a document you need to work on, only to get lost in a clutter; or expecting to find an e-mail message in your inbox folder, only to realize it hasn’t been sorted yet.

Troubled now?

No worries. Here are some tips you can use to get your virtual work space organized.


You may not know it, but one of the biggest clutter areas of all is e-mail. This is especially the case if you have to close to a thousand e-mail messages.

Just because you’ve already read and opened them doesn’t mean you already have no use for them. What about when you need to retrieve information from it in the future?

You can organize them using two options. Either you do it manually or use helpful tools to make the process easy.

Remember that the manual option can only work if you only have a hundred messages to sort – although even that is a drag. But if you have hundreds or thousands?

Then I suggest you go the automatic way.


How many e-mail addresses of your colleagues, fellow bloggers and internet marketers, or clients you have? I bet it’s too many that you have trouble keeping track of it.

The time you spent sorting through your contacts and finding a certain person’s e-mail address could have been allotted for doing something productive like creating your next blog post or promoting your blog.

For this, you’ll need an app that will help you organize your contacts seamlessly. Now there are many tools out there you can use.

Just find the one that will suit your needs.


How about your documents? Are they sorted out? Or are they as cluttered as your contacts and e-mail inbox?

Do you save your documents haphazardly? Not arranging them and not caring where they go afterwards?

Like for your e-mail inbox and contacts, you’ll need apps for this. You may want to use Evernote and Dropbox. The former for saving swipe files, URLS and quick notes; the latter for article content and slideshow or infographic presentation.

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