List Building Mistakes To Steer Clear From

Pencil eraserIt’s been said before and I’m saying it again: list building is a crucial part of internet marketing.

You need to build your e-mail list just as you need to generate traffic.

Now with list building, especially if you’re a newbie, you’re bound to make mistakes.

While it’s normal to make them, it’s also important that you’re aware of the mistakes to avoid when it comes to list building.

Want to know what they are?

Here they are:

Not Knowing Who Your Audience Is And What They Need

Of course you know who your audience is, right? After all, they signed up to receive emails from you about your topic — that’s what they want, right?

Well… not necessarily. Perhaps they signed up because they wanted your free PDF on creating squeeze pages — but what they REALLY want is to know how to write great email copy.

Because, let’s face it, in this world of free reports and PDF downloads… there are going to be a LOT of people that join your list just to get the “ethical bribe” you are offering them.

They are not giving you their email so you can send them more emails, they are giving you their email as payment for whatever it is you are giving them.

Not Using A Professional Autoresponder

If you are serious in building up your Internet Business, do not shrimp and save when it comes to signing up for an autoresponder service.

Choose one that is reliable – Where your emails gets delivered to all the intended recipients. I’ve seen some autoresponders, though cheap, but their deliverability rate is simply horrible.

Not Building A Relationship With Your Subscribers

Generally, people do not wish to buy from a complete stranger.

So, in order to have a list that will generate you money every single time you make a product recommendation, you need to spend time communicating with your them to build a strong relationship.

Let them get to know you better by introducing yourself, and what you are doing, as well as how you can help them when they first sign up for your list, and over time, you may want to share with them some personal information (such as what have you been up to lately).

No Clear To Action

Want your email recipients to click on a link to read more about a product/service you are recommending, or read up more about a certain topic? Tell them specifically.

If you want them to click on a link, then tell them to click on the link. If you want them to buy something, then tell them to buy (along with strong reasons why they should buy it now, and not 10 minutes later, or a few days after).

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