Social Media Post Strategies You Can Use

Social media keyboard buttonWhen it comes to posting on your social media accounts, it pays to be creative.

Especially if you want to keep those followers and grow them by the numbers.

Which means you need to come up with ways to keep your posts creative so as not to bore your followers and have them click that dreaded “unfollow” button.

That said, here are some social media post strategies you can take advantage of.

1. Text only posts

This is probably the most common strategy. And one you can’t do without.

Remember that people love to read actual content. It’s also a good way to engage your audience.

Which means you don’t always have to keep your text only posts long. It actually works best if you keep them short and simple.

2. Picture posts

As I’ve mentioned before, your audience are visual creatures. And they love to see pictures in your posts.

Facebook is a great platform for picture posts as they tend to be noticeable in the newsfeed.

And since people love to comment on, share, and like pictures, you are guaranteed to receive feedback when posting them. Of course, you have to check if your followers are the type of audience who are better engaged by pictures.

Otherwise, keep your picture posting to a minimum.

3. Link posts

A link post is another effective social media post strategy. Links don’t always have to be yours.

Which means you can also share other links which you think your audience will like. It goes without saying that these links need to be informative, engaging and of course, relevant.

Of course, you can’t just post a link without explaining what it is. There should be some form of caption or tagline to inform your audience.

Otherwise, they’ll think it’s spam.


Saw an inspirational post somewhere and think that it will inspire your audience? Then go ahead and post it in your social media accounts.

This would work better if your recent posts impart some value and the quote can be related to it.

5. Videos

Videos are a sure way to build reader engagement. They can be informative, relevant, engaging and promotional at the same time.

You can either upload them directly on Facebook or use Youtube. If you want a lengthy video, then by all means use Youtube.

See? Now you know the different social media post strategies.

But I’m sure you want to learn more productivity tips for internet marketing.

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