The Procrastinator’s Two-step Guide To Non-Procrastination

No Time Like the Present Clock Punctuality No ProcrastinationHave you had something to do recently that you’ve set aside for a while to make way for other things, like staying on Facebook and Twitter?

You might have been entertained for a few moments, but the aftermath always leaves you panicked and in despair.

If you’re guilty of having done this once or twice (or a little too often), then you’re one true-blue procrastinator.

In a nutshell, a procrastinator is someone who procrastinates (well, duh). And when we say that someone procrastinates, it means that that person does not accomplish the tasks at hand when they should be done and instead resorts to cramming.

While the end results still are tasks and projects met and accomplished, the quality of the work leaves something to be desire. What’s more, you’ll end up more stressed out when you procrastinate.

If you’re a guilty procrastinator, here are some things you can do to set yourself free from procrastination and improve your productivity.

Set deadlines. Nothing gets anyone more pumped up to work than deadlines! Set the date when you need to have specific tasks accomplished. These deadlines may be of your own, or set by superiors or your bosses. These deadlines will help motivate you to work, as well as giving you a clear sense of direction and organization.

Be reminded though: Not just because something is due in two weeks does not mean you can just go and begin with your task the day before the deadline in the hopes of finishing it on time. Aim for tasks accomplished days before the deadline.

This will give you more time for other things you’ve got to do, as well as saving you from the stress of a fast-approaching deadline.

 “Don’t leave for tomorrow what you could do today.” A popular notion by most procrastinators is that there’s always going to be tomorrow when they could just do what they have to do.

While they really do have a point, it must be kept in mind that you simply have no idea what could happen the next day.

For all we know, you might call in sick tomorrow and practically won’t be able to work on what you have to do.

Today is precious resource that should not be wasted. Every minute must be used to our advantage and not a single moment should pass without productivity.

Procrastination surely is one of the many things that eat up the time you could have spent being productive.

Combat procrastination and you’re very much on your way to being more productive and finding more success as you continue your internet marketing endeavors. It’s high time for you to say goodbye to setting important tasks aside and being a procrastinator!

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