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Is Facebook Marketing Worth It?

Facebook has truly become a common part of everyday living for almost every person on the face of the planet. You’re highly unlikely to find someone who hasn’t tried this social networking platform even once. What’s more, you’re likely to find people who spend hours upon hours online on Facebook. Without a doubt, Facebook has…

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The Cons of Facebook Marketing for MLM

Marketing has always been essential aspect of any business, including MLM. Businesses can’t thrive or flourish without any efforts exerted to advertise or market. Traditional marketing includes several simple methods such as distribution of flyers, posting of banners and posters, and face-to-face interaction. However, the marketing scene has seen several changes as more and more businesses…

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MLM Don’t: Facebook Marketing Worst Practices You Should Avoid

Creating a buzz around your MLM business without having the need to shell a lot of money is what most business owners strive for. Thanks to the advent of Facebook, it’s now easy to find a good place to promote your products and services for free as well as generate the MLM leads you need.…

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