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Are You Letting Failure Hinder Your MLM Success?

It’s a given that MLM is not sunshine and daisies all the time. You can’t expect to stay on top the whole time you’re doing the business. You lose some, you win some. That’s how MLM play out. It’s a competitive industry that shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. So it’s up…

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How To Fail Using The Law Of Attraction For Your MLM Business

Retailing more and more of your products is the key concept that network marketers must look into in order to strike gold in the ever competitive industry. You get commission for each of your individual sales which can be quite an amount when you become proactive in selling your MLM company’s products. More than this,…

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Law of Attraction and MLM

“Edmund, what does Law of Attraction have to with MLM success?” I was approached by a prospect a week ago who’s pessimistic about the role of Law of Attraction in MLM success. He said that no matter how hard he tried, law of attraction doesn’t seem to work for him in every aspect of his…

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