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2 Mystery Surprises Today!

Today my girlfriend just arrived Singapore from Thailand. You know what? She gives me a big surprise gift. It’s a white Tommy Hilfiger watch. She choose this watch for me because she knows that I do not have a white match to match my clothes. I love it! Thank you my boo. 🙂 And another…

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MyLeadSystemPro Leaderboard – 2nd Position Total Lead Increases In 7 days!

I finally see the light in MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP). I saw my name in the leaderboard! Achieve the 2nd Position Total Lead Increases in 7 Day. Achieve the 9th Position for the Total Leads Generated In 7 Days. Achieve the 11th position for the Total MLSP Member Signup Increase In 7 Days For the Total MLSP…

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