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Signs You’re Doing Blogging Wrong

Just because you have a blog and call yourself a blogger doesn’t mean you’re doing blogging right.

Especially if you’re just a newbie – you are bound to make mistakes.

So how do you know if you’re blogging it wrong?

Here are some examples you can watch out for.

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Selecting The Perfect Niche For Your Blog

When it comes to internet marketing, it’s important that you select a niche.

You can’t just start a blog and throw in random posts, hoping you’ll generate traffic.

How are you going to target your audience when you don’t even know who your target audience are?

This is why choosing a niche is a must. Don’t know where to start?

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Reasons Why You’re Not Motivated

There are blog posts to be written, tweets to be scheduled, and e-mail alerts to send out.

And yet you can’t seem to bring yourself to do them.

Suddenly you find yourself unable to follow through the tasks that need to be done.

Now why is that?

Here are some reasons why you’re unmotivated.

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How To Tackle Big Goals

You probably have big goals – well, who doesn’t?

But how do you tackle them exactly?

How are you planning to achieve them?

You don’t expect to deal with them head-on without a plan, do you?

No worries. Here are some tips to help you with that.

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More Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

You’ve already learned how SEO and social media drive traffic to your blog.

And why wouldn’t you?

They’re two of the most popular traffic generation methods out there.

But who says they’re the only one? Of course, there are a lot more ways to get the traffic you need.

Here are just some of them.

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Mistakes Effective Leaders Never Make

It takes time to become an effective leader, especially in internet marketing.

And with passing time comes mistakes that they have committed.

Of course, as newbies, they can’t be blamed for that.

But once they’ve branded themselves as leaders and authority figure in the online world, they have no excuse to make the same mistakes.

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Ways to Stay Focused and Productive

It’s hard to stay focused, let alone productive, when you’d rather do other things of less importance.

Especially if you’re not in the mood to be productive.

Because that blog post can wait, right? And those tweets and Facebook posts that you need to schedule can be put off later, right?

While it’s tempting to just give in and do anything as you please, you need to exercise self-discipline and stay focused to get things done.

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How Other Bloggers Can Help You Generate More Traffic

In blogging, much like in real life, the saying “No man is an island” rings true.

Only in this case, no blogger is.

This is because blogging all yourself and cutting your blog off from the rest of the blogging community can only take you far.

If you want to grow your audience – and you know you do – then you need to reach out to other bloggers.

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5 Success Principles You Need To Know

Success doesn’t happen over night just as successful people weren’t born successful.

In order to be successful, you need to work for it.

You have to work every day toward your vision. Until you find success.

So to help you with that, I’ll share you seven success principles that can help you.

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Time Management Tips You Need To Learn

If you’re having trouble managing your schedule, let alone following through it, chances are, you’re not managing your time wisely.

No worries.

You just need to get your mind around managing your time properly.

That said, here are some time management lessons you can follow.

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