4 Simple Tips to Increase Engagement Using Google Circles

Are you using Google Plus for your business?

Then it’s about time you start employing the networking site.

Like Facebook, Twitter and others, Google Plus is not only a social media network, but also a powerful SEO tool.

This means, when you use Google Plus correctly, you have a greater chance of getting your website on the first page of Google, giving you free, highy targeted traffic to your site

Of course, what better way to use Google Plus than to take advantage of Google Circles.

Here’s how:

Grow Your Google Circles Slowly

Don’t circle a lot of other users within a short amount of time. If you do that, you may be mistaken as a spammer. Instead, circle a few users each day to slowly grow your circles.

Set Your Status Update to Public

Google Plus has different privacy setting when it comes to your status updates. Many people mistakenly share their updates with only a few other users. But you want to make the majority of your status updates public.

This gets these updates in front of more people and makes it easy for Google to crawl your profile and index it for the search engine results pages, or SERPs for short.

Send E-mail to Your Circles

You can write a status update and select that update to be shared with a certain circle. There is an option to notify the people in this circle by email. This will email the update to the followers you’ve selected in that circle.

However, you want to avoid this if you don’t have permission because it can be seen as spamming. You don’t want to get a reputation on Google Plus for not being considerate to those you’ve circled.

Keep Your Google Plus Newsfeed Clean

When you log into your Google Plus account, you’ll be on the home stream page. This page is similar to a news feed in other social networks. In the home stream, you’ll see updates from people you’ve circled.

However, once you have several large circles, this may not be the most efficient way to keep track of updates from other users. In this case, you’ll want to look at the top of your screen.

There will be a link that reads ‘more.’ If you click on this link, you can view updates from only one circle at a time. This can be helpful when you’re looking to interact with only a certain group of people.

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