Easy SEO Tricks For Your Blog

There are so many effective ways for you to optimize your blog through SEO.

And you can easily utilize them.

If you have no idea, no worries. Here are some easy tips for you!

Content is king

Compelling, well-written, and grammatically correct blog posts that are useful and relevant for your audience is what is going to keep your visitors coming back for more. If you become the go-to resource in your niche, links and ranks will come naturally.

Keep content fresh, keep it updated, keep it relevant and keep it coming regularly. There’s a reason why “content” is the first word in “content marketing.”

Add images to your content

Having high quality images in your content not only makes it easier to read and understand the content and encourages sharing, but it has SEO benefits too.

Rather than using filenames like photo1.jpg, use a filename with your keywords in it. The same goes for image alt tags.

People that look for a relevant image on Google Search will have a chance to find your original image.

Write a good meta description

This may or may not be directly related to SEO.

However if your page comes up high enough in the rankings because you used the other nine techniques mentioned here, a good meta description (the text snippet of your content) can mean the difference between a user deciding to click or pass.

The free WordPress plugin SEO by Yoast offers an easy way to edit the meta description of your post.

Put keywords in your post’s url

When writing new posts, set the URL to contain your main keywords for the article, and keep the whole URL string as short as possible — it suggests high relevance.

Link to high quality sites

While websites used to be about stickiness and not letting the visitor leave, we now know that linking to reputable and relevant sites can actually help your blog show up higher in the rankings.

Some writers have likened it to paying your dues.

Make it easy to share your content

If other sites and social media accounts link to your blog, not only will it lure more visitors to your site, it will boost your rankings.

Make it easy for others to link by including buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Google+ users.

Write effective title tags

Your readers may not look at a page’s browser title as much as they look at what’s actually on the page, but for SEO purposes, keywords in the title tags are important.

Putting the keyword at the beginning of the title makes it appear more relevant for the search spiders.

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