Re-using Blog Content To Get More Traffic

Re-using Blog Content To Get More TrafficCreating blog content, especially ones from scratch, takes a lot of time.

And when you’ve been doing it for a while, it can be daunting.

If you want to keep those fresh ideas going, you need to brainstorm constantly for topics to write.

But no matter how creative you are, there are times where you’ll feel as if you’re stuck in a rut. You’ll run out of new ideas to write on your next blog post.

So what do you do then?

Here are some tips you can use to re-use blog content.

Turn your blog content into an article

Who says you can’t rewrite your old posts and publish them as a new content? Of course you can.

A great way to do so is by submitting them to a reputable article directory. All you have to do is rewrite it into a 600-1000 words, depending on the word count requirement of the article directory.

What’s more, you have to follow their guidelines in order for you to be allowed to publish your article.

How can you benefit from this? Easy. The author box at the bottom that has information about you and a link back to your website.

Turn your blog content into a video

People love watching videos. Point in fact: the millions of traffic Youtube generates daily from the videos being posted there.

So why not join in the fun?

Why not create a video out of your existing content? Instead of discarding your old blog posts or letting them sit thee without getting any new streams of traffic, make them useful. Rewrite them not only as a standard new content, but a script to a video series.

Not only are you saving yourself the trouble of coming up with a new content idea, you’ve also managed to think of a great strategy to drive traffic.

Turn your blog content into a newsletter

Can’t think of a new topic to put in your auto-responder series? Then look no further.

Just get a relevant old posts and rewrite them into a newsletter series so your e-mail marketing campaign is taken cared of.

Of course, you still need to make a few tweaks to make the content relevant again. But what’s a little work compared to writing an entirely new content?

Now that you know how to turn your existing and old blog content into a new one, check out your blog and see how many content you can re-write.

You’ll be surprised.

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