SEO Tip: How To Optimize Your Blog

As a blogger, you already know that it’s one thing to blog and entirely another to optimize it.

Blogging isn’t easy and neither is optimization.

But it doesn’t mean they aren’t doable.

Well, now that you know how to blog, let’s talk about blog optimization – specifically SEO.

Do you employ SEO techniques in your blog? If not, well, no worries. Here are some easy SEO tips you can use.

Submit to Google

While it’s not necessarily required, it won’t hurt to submit your blog to Google. After all, submitting your blog to the most popular search engine is very much worth the effort.

This is especially useful since Google indexes and updates billion of pages on a daily basis. So it would help if you take matters into your own hands.

And it only takes less than a minute anyway.

Write for both your readers and search engines

Some say “write for your readers.” Other argue that you should write for the search engines.

Well, why not write for both?

So when you’re crafting your post title and article body, make sure that you have both targets in mind.¬†Basically, your post title is what your readers will see while the blog title is what the search engines robots view.

Make sure to conduct proper keyword research while you’re at it.

Create robot.txt file

You may not know it but creating a robot.txt file can easily improve your site indexation.

Doing so would make the search engine crawler to only index your content pages and ignore other ones – or at least the ones you want to be ignored.

It will solve the problem of duplicate content as most blogs tend to have that.

Instead of indexing both, Google will just ignore the duplicate content and avoid listing them in the index.

Now isn’t that convenient?

Have a sitemap

Does your blog have a sitemap? Then it’s time you have one.

Having a site map will make it easy for search engines to go wherever you want them to go.

In short, it’s useful for better and faster indexing. Now if you’re a WordPress blogger and don’t have a sitemap, you can always install a plugin that will generate XML-Sitemap supported by search engines.

Now that you know some of the basic SEO tips, it’s time you start optimizing your blog and see traffic slowly but surely trickle in.

But before that, let me teach you more traffic generation tips. Just click here now!