The Ups and Downs of Twitter Marketing

The Ups and Downs of Twitter MarketingMarketing is truly one of the most profitable industries today.

This opportunity to earn a lot of money has drawn many people to marketing.

However, it must be noted that it is no easy job. Many marketers fail to make the best use of the opportunities provided to them and ultimately fail in their endeavors.

Recent years have seen some tremendous changes in the marketing industry. Technology is being integrated more freely into marketing practices, which is helping even marketing newbies get a fighting chance at actually succeeding.

Internet is a notable marketing tool that is currently contributing to the rise of marketers and the industry as a whole. Internet marketing promises individuals with the opportunity to reach more people with an expanded market reach without needing to spend too much money, if any at all.

What is more, there are several platforms found online that can potentially provide your marketing campaign a huge boost.

Social networking sites have become more and more popular with internet marketers.

Just about everyone spends time online browsing posts on Facebook, Instagram, and the like.

With this, the possibility of landing prospective leads in social networking sites is quite high.

Twitter is one such social networking site that internet marketers are using in their campaign. As one of the giants in the social networking scene, it has one of the greatest potential to contribute to the success of your internet marketing campaign.

However, nothing is ever perfect and faultless. Here are some of the ups and downs of Twitter marketing.


Wide market reach. Millions of people are on Twitter and hundreds or even thousands of these people could very well be people who are more than willing to be part of the success of your internet marketing endeavors.

The boundaries set by geography are eliminated when you use Twitter.

What is more, you’ll be doing all these for just a fraction of the time you usually spend on traditional marketing methods.

Twitter is free! No extra charges need to be paid before you could use Twitter for marketing.

You can post to your heart’s content, or should I say within the daily tweet limit, without worries of any bills or fees.

Twitter marketing is personal. When people follow you then you instantly appear on their feeds whenever you post. More so, you can opt to tweet them directly.

This adds a little bit of a personal touch to your internet marketing campaign, something everyone surely needs.


Your tweets are limited. Not only are you limited to a number of tweets per day, the tweets themselves are limited.

Your individual tweets can only have a maximum of 160 characters which may prove to be a hindrance when you just have to post a lengthy marketing pitch.

It is difficult to get noticed. Most users follow hundred and even thousands of people.

These followed people post on a regular basis and often tweet numerous times a day.

This may congest your followers’ news feed and make it difficult for you to be visible and noticed.

Twitter sure has its ups and downs for internet marketers but you have to keep in mind that no marketing campaign is ever perfect. It is up to you to use the benefits to your advantage while working on improving its faulty aspects.

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