Using Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

1. Create a Blog Board

Creating a blog board on Pinterest will allow you to publish your blog posts.

It will be much easier for people to check out the content of your blog this way.

Now if you have a lot of content in your site, you can always create a board for each blog post category.
Say you’re blogging about social media marketing and SEO. There should be a separate for all blog posts
under the social media marketing category, and the same goes with SEO.

It’s best to use keywords when naming your Pinterest boards so as they will appear in search engines.

2. Images, Images, Images

I don’t have to tell you that in Pinterest, it’s all about visuals. That’s pretty obvious, don’t you think?

That’s why if you intend to use Pinterest as a marketing tool, you need to make use of great and compelling
images. Images that will likely get the attention of your target audience.

To capture the attention of a reader from the site, your Pins need the visual appeal to stand out, and
invoke them to click through to your blog post.

3. Engage on Pinterest

Of course, you will need to engage with your followers, especially if you want to be a successful social marketer.

After all, you’ll want to turn your Pinners into blog readers. So what you need to do is engage and entertain your readers. Remember, the more you engage with people on Pinterest, the more likely
they’ll also want to connect with you on your blog, and other sites.

So how do you engage on Pinterest? Make sure to pin original and relevant content and do it consistently.

4. Make Your Blog Post Pins Easy to Find

Pins on Pinterest are indexed within the site, as well as search engines like Google. Make sure you are
practising good SEO techniques when posting your blog post Pins on the site.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure your Pins are actually searchable. Check your account
settings, and make sure your “Search Privacy” setting is set to allow for public search engines to find you!

As for some more SEO tips for Pinterest, make sure to use your blog title as your blog Board title and use relevant keywords to describe your post

5. Include a “Pin it” Button on Your Blog

When your blog articles are shared by your readers, your readers’ friends and Followers are more likely to
read it too. It’s kind of like word of mouth marketing for your blog.

To get this, make sure you have a “Pin it” button on all of your blog posts. Make it easy for your Pinning
readers to share it on the site they love most.

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