Why Your Blog Doesn’t Generate Traffic

1. You post too seldom or too often

One of the reasons why you’re not getting traffic to your site is because you’re not consistent when it comes to posting content. Either you post too much or too far and between.

Don’t do that. Practice consistency in blogging. If prefer to post twice or thrice a week, then stick to that.

Don’t change your posting schedule depending on your mood. Otherwise, your readers will get annoyed and more likely stop visiting your blog altogether.

2. Your posts are not informative or engaging enough

What’s your writing style? Is it engaging enough to get the attention of your readers and target audience? Or is it too boring for their taste?

When you write content, being informative is a must. But it’s not enough.

As much as you should write quality and useful content, it should engage readers too. There are literally millions of articles in the internet.

Which means there are a lot other sites your readers can visit instead of yours. Keep that in mind.

3. You have a horrible blog design

The way your blog looks, feels, and functions affects how readers engage with your blog.

If the design is awful, then you won’t have any readers. The same goes if the design of your blog is all over the place.

Of course it doesn’t mean that your blog design needs to be bland. Incorporate some good designs, just make sure that it won’t be an eye sore.

When tweaking the design of your blog, keep in mind that it should be pleasing to the eyes of your readers.

4. You’re not creating keyword-focused posts

Along the same lines, once you know exactly which keywords that people use, you need to create content specifically for those keywords.

During your keyword research, create a list of keywords that are relevant to your audience and that are searched more than 500 times per month.

Then write one blog post for every keyword.

5. You’re not linking externally and internally

One way to create an ultimate resource for a particular keyword is to link to other resources within your blog post, both externally and internally.

Doing so will make your blog posts more valuable and useful. It will also make other content on the same topic easily searchable on Google.

When linking to other sites though, make sure that they are reputed and with large following.

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