You’ve Published A Blog Post – What’s Next?

funny label for a blogSo you’re done writing a blog post.

You made sure that you wrote great content.

You even did your keyword research thoroughly.

So what’s the next step? Here are some of the things you need to do after publishing a post in your blog.

Share to social media

Surely, your blog has pages in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc?

Then use them to their advantage. Head over there and share the post you just published.

Granted you have a good amount of following in these sites, sharing your content in your pages will generate the traffic you need. Of course, to get the attention you want, you need to use a little creativity.

Use a catchy headline so your followers will be compelled to click through the link. The headline has to be related to your post though and justifies it. Otherwise, your followers will accuse you of link-baiting them.

When you’re promoting to various social media sites, make sure that you’re not spamming your pages. Or you’ll end up getting unfollowed.

Share to social bookmarking sites

You think sharing to social media sites is enough? Think again.

Social bookmarking sites are just as effective as social media sites. So you need to use them.

From Digg, to StumbleUpon, to Pinterest – you get yourself a good traffic source. Of course, like social media, you need to build followers first before you start promoting.

Because how else is your blog going to be visible?

When posting on social bookmarking sites, use the same courtesy on social media – no spamming.

Comment on blogs and forums

There are many blogs and forums out there. And they can help you promote your content.

With blogs, all you have to do is comment to a post. The blogs you comment on should be at the very least related to your niche. Or they’re your target audience.

Now I don’t have to tell you that your comment needs to be relevant and helpful. Otherwise, it will be marked as spam.

With forums, you need to be just as helpful and relevant. You need to participate in ongoing discussions. The more relevant your comments and posts are, the more responses you’ll get

How can you promote in forums, you ask? By taking advantage of the signature line at the bottom of your post.

Customize that line to your liking that you are sure will attract people to click through and visit your blog.

I’m sure you want to learn more traffic generation tips.

So click here now!