How to Promote Your Lead Capture Page

Do you know the most prevailing reason why MLM blogs fail today? I know I do. It’s because of the absence of leads to sell their offers to. Without leads, there is no business. This is what I always tell my downlines: If you want to prosper in the industry, you need leads – lots and lots of leads. 

So how do you attract leads? Easy, through a Lead Capture Page. A lead capture page is highly essential in any MLM blog. It’s the one page where you direct your readers, get them to subscribe to your blog and eventually convert them into leads. Without this landing page, it will be hard, if not impossible for you to build an e-mail list. Now, don’t let me get started on how important list building is.

For now, let’s talk about your lead capture page and what you can do to promote it to your prospects.

Offline Marketing

Most network marketers, especially the ones who are hooked into internet marketing often over look the benefits of incorporating offline marketing in MLM. Offline marketing may be old school but it’s still worth a try. In fact, though time-consuming, you can gain numerous leads using traditional methods alone. Here are some of the offline marketing techniques you can employ.

  • Flyer Distribution

If done correctly, flyer distribution can be an effective lead magnet. Create an appealing flyer that will make people read it instead of throwing it directly on the trash. Tell a little bit about your company, your product and the earning opportunities upon signing up. You don’t want to put everything there. Your flyer should only serve as a teaser to what you offer. Be sure to place the URL of your lead capture page at the bottom or at the top of the flyer for them to notice.

  • Business Cards

Do you meet a lot of people wherever you go: on your neighborhood, at the mall, at your day job or just about any place you frequent? Do you engage them in casual conversations? If so, grab the opportunity. I’m not saying that you pitch your business right there and then. Hand them your business cards. Unlike flyers, people like receiving calling cards. Before your conversations ends, hand them the card. Of course, don’t forget the purpose of giving out your card. Be sure to place your lead capture page URL at the bottom together with your contact details.

Online Marketing

There are numerous ways to promote your lead capture page online. Online marketing is a lot easier and more convenient than traditional methods since it generates massive amount of leads compared to old school techniques. This is also the reason why it’s the most recommended methods by successful marketing leaders.

  • Social Media

You know what they say, go where your customers are. And if there’s one giant place where your prospective leads frequent online, it’s social media sites. You name it – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, GooglePlus and other online communities. The secret to building a prominent online presence is simple: give value and be proactive. Don’t spam your links. Instead, post valuable content, update your status with interesting posts relevant to your business and communicate with your market. Take time to talk to them. Promote the link to your capture page every now and then. Just make it varied so it won’t appear as a spam.

  • Article Marketing

Ever used article directories to your advantage? Then it’s time you do so. High-trafficked article directories are great places to write articles and link back to your landing page – from EzineArticles, to HubPages, to Squidoo, to ArticlesBase. Write articles relevant to your business. You can provide useful techniques and strategies in making money as well as give tips in personal development. Link your article back to your landing page through the resource box at the bottom of the page and placing the URL. This needs a bit of copywriting and creativity to make them click the link so use the right words.

Having a lead capture page is indeed essential for any MLM blog. Want to learn my secret in promoting my own landing page? Click here to find out!