7 Motivational Tips You Can Use

You can’t always be motivated, especially when you’re experiencing some serious lows.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t get back on track any longer.

1. Set realistic expectations.

For instance, if your plan is to go to the gym to become fitter, understand that the first exercise session is going to take much more time than the subsequent ones (since you are just learning the ropes).

2. Start out small.

Rather than aiming to do everything at once, simply take small steps. This way you won’t overwhelm yourself and kill your motivation from the get-go.

3. Do some study in advance.

If possible, learn more about your first time in advance. For instance, if I’m driving somewhere I haven’t ever been before, I take a look at part of the route through Google Street View to figure out how I should drive through certain roads and junctions.

4. Take notes.

In some cases taking notes isn’t always possible. But if it’s possible, do it. This will help you remember how to do something for the second time. Then, when you repeat the new action long enough, you can throw the document away.

5. Fail a lot.

This will happen naturally, but failing is the best way to learn. In fact, forget failing – replace that word with ‘learning’.

6. Remember the others.

Do you think that others mastered the same thing you are doing right now in one session? No, they didn’t. Even if they failed and spent a considerable amount of effort doing something for the fist time, they still continued doing the activity, since they believed in what they were doing.

7. Stop blaming yourself and do it again.

This is probably the most important piece of advice I can give you: Stop blaming yourself when you fail. You have to fail in order to grow and improve yourself.

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