How To Strive For Progress Instead Of Perfection

Business chart graphWhen you’re building your blog and establishing it’s visibility online, do you spend more time learning strategies than implementing them?

Maybe you’re giving too much effort into learning lots of traffic techniques without pausing to try if they will work for you.

Maybe you’re too pre-occupied wondering if you’ll be able to generate the right amount of subscribers. Or if your blog is going to be good enough for them.

Instead of spending time worrying and believing that everything has to be in place and perfect for your blog, work on implementing improvements regularly or whenever you see fit.

Let’s say you want to find the perfect theme to make your blog look, well, perfect. Of course, there’s no such thing as the perfect theme.

But you sure can find a team that will suit your blog and at the same time, can still manage to get your readers’ approval. After all, readers are visual creatures. They prefer to visit blogs with themes that are conducive to reading, a theme that won’t hurt their eyes even if they stay at the blog for long.

Now if you find yourself in a rut, when you feel like your blog still needs improvement but can’t tell exactly which part requires that, you can always turn to your loyal subscribers or audience for help.

Remember that open communication with your followers is vital to your blog’s success. And asking for their feedback will only emphasize that.

Let them point out the areas in your blog that need improvement – be it the theme, the layout, the content, or the blog itself. You’ll find their suggestions quite useful.

Now if it’s still not enough, it’s time for you to jump in and simply take action.

Of course, you’ll be bound to make mistakes. But let’s get real. What blogger doesn’t?

Every blogger, whether newbie or veteran, makes mistakes every once in a while. And there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s important is you learn from and use them as a motivation to strive for progress.

Besides the quicker you make mistakes, the quicker you’ll learn and find out what it is that needs improvement.

So what do you need to do then?

Take action and get things moving. Start laying the foundations of your blog and establish your online presence without worrying whether it’s good enough or how imperfect the process is.

Don’t let the thought of perfection hold you back from taking any action and taking your blog to great new heights.

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