Tips on Writing To-Do List For a More Organized and Productive Life

Tips on Writing To-Do List For a More Organized and Productive LifeDid you know that getting your to-do list right immensely helps you have a more organized and productive life?

That’s true.

It all boils down to getting it right. And if done so, you’ll be well on your way of having a simplified and more productive lifestyle.

Especially in the work space aspect.

Be clear and specific

As much as possible, be specific and avoid using vague terms. Get straight to the point so you won’t be confused as to what needs to be done.

More importantly, make sure that all the items on your to-do list are attainable. Otherwise, the day will end with half of the list undone.

Now that’s not going to help your productivity any better.

Have a to-do list notebook or master file.

It’s so easy to make use of sticky notes to write your to-do list on. Instead of using them or pieces of paper, use a notebook or a master file.

This way it will be hard for you to miss things and a lot easier to stay on top of your to-do list.

Otherwise, imagine the stress you’ll endure when you find out you have overlooked a very important item. So make sure that everything is gathered in one place.

Set a reminder for your to-do list

Since we’re living in a digital world, it’s so easy to remember things. Which means you can be reminded of everything that needs to be done wherever you go.

How? By downloading a reminder app on your smartphone.

This way even when you’re out having fun and with the list at the back of your mind, you’ll still be reminded when it’s time to do them. You won’t have to worry about forgetting your to-do list and not being able to finish your tasks.

Itemize your list based on level of priority

Instead of itemizing the list randomly, write down the items in the order of priority.

What items do you need to finish first? Or what items do you deem easier to handle first?

Make your decision before writing down so you won’t have to second-guess yourself when it’s time to cross them off the list. What’s more, you won’t be confused and hesitant about doing them according to their position on the list.

Be flexible

Make sure you know approximately how long each action will take and on your daily to-do list, put down items that take you to approximately 15-20% under the time you need. This is because you need to put an allowance for every item.

You think you can finish a particular item at the alloted time you originally thought? Probably not.

Keep in mind that there will be some items that will take more time than you think. There are likely going to be interruptions and distractions, whether you like it or not.

Lastly, make sure you take small breaks in between the items so you won’t feel burnt out or tired easily.

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