Tips To Declutter Your Workspace

Cup of coffee on office desktop close-upYou may not know it, but the state of your workspace greatly affects your productivity.

It can either cause you to procrastinate or boost your productivity even more.

Of course, who wants to fall into the pit of procrastination?

Which means you’d rather have an organized and clutter-free workspace than a messy one. But what if you have no idea how to de-clutter?

Then here are some tips you can follow.

Clear out the room

If you want to be thorough, the best way to do it is to remove everything from the room.

Not because you need to go back to square one, but because you have to make sure that you’re not leaving any clutter behind. You’ll be able to know how much junk you can get rid of. And who knows what useful items you can find hidden within the clutter?

What’s more, you’ll be able to thoroughly clean the room.

Re-arrange and design the room to your comfort

Maybe you prefer the table to be situated by the window instead at the center? Maybe you want to use curtains instead of blinds?

It’s no secret that it’s easier and more inspiring to work in a room arranged and decorated to your liking. Would you want to work in a space which atmosphere doesn’t sit well with you?

Either you’ll end up procrastinating or transferring into a new space altogether. So don’t be afraid to do what you want with your existing one.

Only choose important items

When I say important items, I mean items that you use every day. Items that if absent make work almost impossible.

These may include computer, printer, fax machine, telephone, and even pen and paper. Or just about any other item that’s necessity to your work.

Now the temptation to put back items you think are important is strong. But you need to fight it.

Otherwise it will only defeat the purpose. And you’re not doing a good job decluttering.

Make it a habit to de-clutter regularly

You think de-cluttering once is enough? Think again.

If you want your workspace to stay organized and clutter-free, you need to make a commitment to de-clutter it regularly.

You can make it a bi-weekly or monthly schedule. What’s important is your workspace will never be messy again.

See how easy it is to de-clutter your workspace? Once you did, boosting your productivity will be a tad easier.

Which means you can expect great results from then on.

I’m sure you want to learn more productivity tips.

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