Increasing Traffic and Reader Engagement on Your Blog

Web Traffic SEO Links Speedometer Online GrowthGenerating traffic to your blog isn’t an easy task. Let alone increase it.

And of course, there’s such a thing as reader engagement – something you can’t afford to overlook.

No worries. Here are some tips you can use in order to achieve not only increasing traffic, but also your blog’s reader engagement.

1. Optimize your content for people not search engines

I’ve said this a couple of times before. If you’re optimizing your content, don’t aim to please the search engines.

Always think of the people aka your target audience. They’re your market, after all.

Which means that instead of writing barely readable, keyword stuffed blog posts, make sure that you’re producing high quality content – content that your audience will find useful.

2. Ping, bookmark and backlink every post

What are bookmarking and ping sites are for if you’re not using them? Sites like, Ping-o-matic, and StumbleUpon are there for your disposal.

Make sure you’re using them.

Of course, with some sites like StumbleUpon you’ll have to build a following in order to increase the flow of traffic. And naturally, you can’t leave your posts just that. You’ll have to create backlinks for them.

3. Share your posts to your e-mail subscribers

Your subscribers are there for a reason.  And one of them is so you can share your every post to them.

That’s the good thing of having subscribers. Although it can’t be guaranteed that every one of them will open your e-mail alerts, they’re still a good source of traffic.

As long as the content you’re sending them are relevant, useful and informative, they will keep on subscribing to your blog. So make sure that you’re not taking them for granted.

4. Add the Facebook commenting plugin to your blog

Everybody knows that Facebook is a great source of traffic and audience. So why not take advantage of it by adding Facebook commenting plugin in the comment section of your blog posts?

This way you’ll be encouraging discussions from various Facebook users.

5. Leave relevant and or helpful comments on related blogs

This tactic is called “Blog Hopping” and it’s how you get the most out of the syndication groups. You simply go to the other blogs in the groups read the posts and leave your genuine feedback.

This will get you more exposure in the marketplace and backlinks to your blog if they are using the right type of commenting system.

The most popular one being “Comment Luv” will even show a link to your latest post.

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