Tips On Creating A Webinar

Ever created a webinar?

Creating a webinar is not as hard as you think, but not as easy as you think either.

Using the right methods and tools will guarantee a success. Don’t have any idea where to start?

Then let me give you tips on how to create a webinar to help you get started.

1. Choose your topic

What are you planning to discuss in your webinar?

How to start a successful blog? How to do successful social media marketing campaign?

Choosing the topic is the first and most basic step in creating a webinar. Whatever topic you decide on, make sure that it is interesting and compelling for your audience.

After all, you wan them to stay with you until the very end.

2. Plan the details

You don’t expect to just dive in into it, do you? Of course there are details to plan.

What materials are you going to use? Are you going to incorporate slides or other resources into your webinar? Will you be the one to serve as the speaker or will you employ someone else?

These things, no matter how trivial you think, are important factors in creating a webinar.

3. Ask the experts

This is especially true if this is your first time to create a webinar. You’re cluelessa and have no idea where to start – that’s okay.

Don’t just rely on your own ideas of what information is pertinent. Speak with other parties to get fresh content.

Also, what you need to know is approach other bloggers who already have experience in doing it. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from them.

Otherwise, you might be missing out on important techniques that you could use.

4. Decide on the duration

While a too short webinar might lack necessary information that you want to convey, a too long one will likely bore your audience.

An hour is a good compromise for an interested and lively audience.

And then you can use the remaining time to entertain questions from them.

5. Test your webinar

Of course, you can’t just launch your webinar without testing it. You need to do a test-run so you know that everything is working the way you want it.

Organize a test and invite a couple of friends. This way if you encounter any issues or problems, you can easily fix them before you launch the webinar.

And then a day before going live, make another test-run for good measure.

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