Why Social Media Is Not Working For You

You Don’t Encourage Sharing

Sharing is caring – everybody knows that.

In fact, that’s exactly what social media is all about.

For bloggers and internet marketers such as yourself, social media is important. You want people to constantly share your content over Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest so you’ll get more traffic and leads.

But for people to share, you really need to make it easy for them.

On your blog, install a social sharing plugin like Sharbar or Digg Digg. Or whatever works best and delivers great results.

You Don’t Post Frequently

How many times do you post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter?

If you only update your business pages once or twice a week, then you’re not doing it enough.

Remember that you need to make yourself and your blog known to your target audience.

If you can post every day, do it. In fact, even posting twice or thrice a day will greatly work in your favor.

You’re Utilizing Too Many Platforms

If I look up your business pages, how many will I see?

Just because there are too many social platforms to choose from doesn’t mean you have to use all of them already.

You’re better off focusing on a few social media sites rather than every single social network available. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

Rather cover many social networks poorly, make sure to focus on the platforms that work best for you.

It’s Obvious You’re Automated

Your readers will feel disconnected if it’s very clear that your posts are always automated.

There’s nothing wrong in automation, but as they say, do it in moderation.

People like to talk to other people, not robots. Your social media posts need to have some sort of personal touch.

They need to be personalized enough so that your audience are assured that they can easily reach and interact with you when needed.

They Don’t Know The Person Behind The Page

As I’ve said before, people want to make a connection with a person, not a robot.

You need to introduce yourself as a person to your audience too. Like putting your face as the profile picture for one. Or posting pictures of yourself or taking videos.

You can do tutorials with you in them – that’s also a good way.

Now that you know why social media isn’t working for you, do something about it.

But before you do, let me teach you more social media marketing tips. Just click this link now!