(high demand) Another event date is open for registration

(high demand) Another event date is open for registration

Due to high demand of the fact that the Lifestyle Freedom LIVE Event in Singapore is amazing, we are opening another date for you.

Date: 19th June 2014 (Thursday)
Time: 8pm – 10pm

Lives are CHANGED when you TAKE ACTION after the event!

Let’s hear what some of our Singapore’s entrepreneurs have to say after taking action after the event.

Case Study #28

“Prior to seeing this concept, I was working 7 days a week, 12 hour a day as a dental surgeon. The income was great but I had no time. After taking action after the event, I am now able to cut down my dental practice to only 1-2 days a week and maintain the same life style as before due to the income generated from this concept. More importantly, I have taken multiple vacations with my wife since I participated. This concept is going to help so many more people across the globe!”

– Dr Wu Yi Che, Retired Dental Surgeon

Case Study #54

“After I know about this concept, I get to know a lot of fun friends from different sectors and background. Besides having fun and travelling together, we go for personal development and grow ourselves to become a better person. I felt so grateful to have positive friends around, we encourage and help each other to move towards our dream to fun, freedom & fulfillment lifestyle.”

– Andrew Chung, Electronic & Electrical Engineer & 1st time Business Owner

Case Study #89

“This concept has allowed me to become a full time family man and create a lifestyle that most people can only dream about! By immersing myself in the culture, personal development and trainings that are so essential to our success, I have become a better husband, father, servant leader, and well-rounded person. The amazing “vacations of a lifetime” that I get to experience regularly are icing on the cake!”

– Eric Allen, Business Owner

If you are still struggling from your job, or even your own business, this may be your backup plan.

I can tell you for sure… if you are relying on only 1 source of income in Singapore, you will face BIG issue in the future.


Let’s do some research.

Just by watching the news on TV or reading the newspaper, what are you seeing recently that are happening in Singapore or around the world.

There are many things happening every single day right?

Financial problems, retrenchment, or even BIG companies closing down.

What we can’t control is the situation happening in the future.

But what we CAN control is… NOW.


The questions is… are you prepared for the future?

1 point of reference which I highly recommend you to do is to look at your bank’s saving account right now.

Then let’s do some calculation…

How much is the minimal amount is enough per day for you and your family to survive per day?

Let’s take $100 per day for your whole family WITHOUT any medical/accident bills.

In 1 month, you will need at least $3000.

In 6 month, you will need at least $18,000.

You see this right! $18,000 is the minimum.

What if…

Accidents happens daily and we don’t know when. How about falling sick? Chances are high as workload and stress are stacking up daily at work.

How much EXTRA will you need?

Maybe another $1000 to even $10,000 extra needed to take care of the problem.

If you have children who are still studying, they will need money for extra materials to improve their studies.

What if you are just married and suddenly you have a baby. The actual
fact is that you plan to start a family in 2 years time and the actual family starts in 9 months.

What if you want to go for vacations with your family just to relax and have more quality time together?

How much does it cost?

Let you decide the amount.

Then look at your bank account right now.

Does the amount in your bank account enough for you and your family for the next 6 months before you are able to find a new source of income?

Research say that the average for a person to look for a well paying job is at least 6 months.

If unlucky, it may be 1 year.

What if…you have a super high level degree certificate, many companies may not want to employ you as there are many people who have lower level degree can do the same job as you, unless you don’t mind getting paid less.

So the question is…

Are you prepared?

If you still have no solution yet.

Why not let this event show you a new possibility to create a new source of income stream just in case things are not going your way.

The best thing is…

This concept requires not much time to work on.

No experience needed as trainings is provided.

You can do it part time.

If you have decided and want to change your life,

Step 1:
Go here to register:

Step 2:
Text me at my mobile: +65 91439680

1) Your Name
2) If you have a friend coming along with you, let me know the name too.

See you at the event!

P.S. If you are not from Singapore, and you seriously want what we are doing in Singapore, you can private message me in my facebook.

Let’s discuss how I can help you.