Different Types of MLM Leaders You’ll Meet

Ahead of the crowd1. The Guru

They’ve been in the MLM industry for years.

They’ve experienced setbacks and they are most likely at the top of the ladder by the now. The good news is you can see them on the internet and learn a tip or two from their MLM blogs.

Are they willing to train you? Yes. Will they do it for free? Not likely.

2. The “Hyper”

“Want to learn a six figure income in just a couple of months?” That’s the phrase you are most likely to hear from the “hyper.”

What earned them that monicker, you ask? These type of MLM leaders always hype newbies into joining the business. They deliver persuasive sales pitches that often appeal to clueless prospects and often add exagerated value to a product’s actual worth.

3. The Young Leader 

The Young Leader is not necessarily young in age, but a new addition to successful leaders in MLM. They may only be around for a year or two and found success in just a few months in doing the business.

Since they are relatively new to the industry, you can sense their eagerness and contagious energy that seems to rub off on you whenever you’re near them. This type of MLM leaders are like a breath of fresh air. You may even learn new techniques from them.

4. The Silent Leader

Unlike most leaders who loves to be around people, this MLM leader prefers to do his own thing. He may be doing the business solely on the internet and not on the real world, bust just as successful as any other leader.

He may not be open to training aspiring network marketers so it will be hard to learn a thing or two from him first hand. But on the bright side, you can always visit his blog.

5. The Content King or Queen

Type their name on the search engine and you’ll see them pop up everywhere. They are like the internet celebrity version of MLM. They are expert in branding themselves as MLM leaders through their content – be it blog posts, ebooks, videos, etc.

They are also most likely to have a good MLM system in place.

6. The Traditional Leader

This leader knows nothing about “MLM and internet marketing.” The only type of marketing they know is the traditional kind: giving flyers, recruiting the warm and cold market, throwing business opportunity meetings within their community, and prospecting through one on one presentation.

While some of them thrive on this marketing technique, most of them don’t.

These are just some of the types of MLM leaders you are likely to meet in the industry. So the next time you join a leader’s downline organization, take time to know what kind of leader he is.

Will his leadership skills help you get to the top? Or will he simply drag you down?

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