MLM Don’t: Facebook Marketing Worst Practices You Should Avoid

Facebook icon glass blue, isolated on white backgroundCreating a buzz around your MLM business without having the need to shell a lot of money is what most business owners strive for.

Thanks to the advent of Facebook, it’s now easy to find a good place to promote your products and services for free as well as generate the MLM leads you need.

Unfortunately, people tend to be oblivious to proper social media practices when it comes to promoting their MLM business.

They tend to use social media channels as convenient means of advertising while overlooking the formal and unwritten community rules.

While some internet marketers observe the best practices on Facebook marketing, there are still a majority of these people who follow an entirely different route.

The fact is, knowing the best and worst marketing practices gives you an upper hand in the competition. It helps you to communicate with your followers effectively, allowing you to build valuable relationships with them.

That said, here are some Facebook worst practices that you should definitely avoid.

1) Misleading People with Ambiguous Posts

One thing that you should learn about Facebook users is that they hate misleading posts. If you keep on posting deceptive links which seem relevant yet prove to be otherwise, chances are, you’ll see your fan base decreasing by the minute.

Remember that integrity builds trust with your customers. Without it, it will be hard for you to generate MLM leads.

2) Not listening to your Community of Followers

Ignoring people’s comments and suggestions won’t help you institute an effective online presence for your MLM business.

It will only create a gap between you and your customers, putting a stop to the relationship that you strove hard to establish.

3) Disregarding ethical social rules

Before you embark on a Facebook marketing journey, it’s best that you spend time to learn the formal and unwritten social rules. While there’s a generic and written social networking guideline, the community of users has social regulations of their own.

By actively observing and participating, you’ll get an idea on how to properly interact with your potential customers and earn their trust in the process.

4) Overselling

Aggressive sales pitches and pushy advertising methods don’t cut in social media. For most users, these sites are solely meant for personal interactions and meeting new people.

While being pushy won’t work, subtle marketing and using creative words without being too promotional can do wonders with your online busines in MLM.

The bottom line is that Facebook marketing can only work for your MLM business if you are 100% committed and dedicated in doing it right. Remember that you only get one shot in winning the hearts of your potential customers. So do it right.

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