Empower Network Singapore: Congratulations, your income just increased by $100 monthly…

“Results are not typical. Please see average earnings here

Empower Network Independent AffiliateCongratulations EDMUND, your income just increased by $100 monthly...

Results are not typical.  Please see average earnings here

You know what?

When I woke up in the afternoon, after having my branch (breakfast + lunch), I always do my daily routine… checking my email.

You know what I saw?

7.57am which is the time when I was still sleeping like a pig, I got this email from Dave & Dave from Empower Network informing me that I has just increased my residual income by $100 every month.

Isn’t it cool?

What if you also have this kind of experience same as me… every morning, you are receiving a lot of spam (I mean commissions spam), informing you that your bank account is growing bigger and bigger every single day, and not only that… the income streams which came in are residual…

Residual income means that, today when you are doing nothing… the income will still flow into your bank automatically.

This is what I always believe in. I eat, sleep, drink and breathe with this belief.

Everyone can “Get Rich The Lazy Way“.

Results are not typical.  Please see average earnings here

Why I have a strong belief in this?

It is because of the Internet which give me assurance that it can be done.

Internet is the best tool which has ever invented!

With the power of Internet and social media these day, every one are getting closer and closer with each other.

With the power of the Internet, you can stream audios, videos and host websites which can do all the automated prospecting and sponsoring for you. It can even sponsor downlines for you even while you are sleeping.

This process has already happen to me as I have leverage the power of the Internet and Proven System.

If you are still not using a proven money making system and the internet, you are seriously losing out and leaving a lot of money on the table.

And by the way… we have ONLY 24 hours in a day.

What if you have a job and the job already taken up 8 hours of your day.

Traveling to your work place and coming back home from your work place, it may take you 3 hours which exclude the traffic jam.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in total take up another 3 hours of your day.

How much time you left?

About 10 hours left.

By the time when you reach home from work….

I’m sure you are very tired and don’t feel like doing anything… the most you can do is to switch on your television and spend the rest of the time watching some shows and go and sleep.

Basically you don’t have any time to do any interesting things every day.

What if you are not earning enough and decided to go and work part time?

I can tell you… you won’t last long…

You will be tired of work and stress.

And this routine is a vicious cycle and will last you FOREVER.

Is this scenario that I have just mentioned happening to you right now?

If your answer is YES.

I can understand you. I have been in your shoes before.

What I can advise you now is to do one important thing right now.


Seriously you need to do a change… if not… you will be like a hamster running of the treadmill. If you don’t know what I mean… Please go to the nearest pet shop and ask the shopkeeper and ask for a hamster to run on the treadmill. 😉


Find a way to BREAK this pattern and start changing your lifestyle!


I have personally done it with this proven system and the use of the Internet.

Not only me who has done it. There are many people around the world has done it.

Why not let this video show you how you can start earning by today.

Talk soon,
Edmund Toh a.k.a “The KING Of Get Rich The Lazy Way”

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