6 Traffic Generation Techniques For MLM

6-Traffic-Generation-Techniques-For-MLMTraffic generation is not easy.

It requires time and effort for the traffic to flow freely and consistently.

Want to know some methods that could help you generate traffic to your MLM blog? Here are they:

1. Article Marketing

You think article marketing is dead? Well, think again.

Article marketing directories like EzineArticles, Squidoo, and HubPages are great sources of traffic.

So publishing on these sites will help your MLM blog rank higher in search engines and get the traffic you need.

2. Forum Marketing

Promoting your blog on forums is yet another effective traffic generation method.

Take for example WarriorForum and Digital Point Forums. These are forums that cater to internet marketers and network marketers alike.

They allow you to promote your MLM blog through the use of signature box at the bottom of your posts.

3. E-mail Marketing

By persuading your audience to subscribe to your newsletters and e-mail blasts, they will be informed of new posts on your MLM blog.

These subscribers will provide instant traffic. What’s more, they are likely to share your posts to their social media accounts.

4. Social Media Marketing

Of course, social media marketing is one traffic generation method that you can’t do without. Everyone is using social media these days that you will find your target audience in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

So go ahead and take advantage of the trend. Create business pages and build followers.

Also, don’t forget to put social media widgets like Buffer on your blog. Preferably, at the bottom or at one side of your post.

5. SEO

Yet another traffic generation technique you wouldn’t want to slip through your fingers is SEO. Not only will it help you generate traffic, it will also help you gain visibility by nabbing a higher SERP ranking.

Learn the basics of SEO and install plugins like All-in-One SEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast and widgets on your MLM blog to take advantage of it.

6. Keyword Research

Targeting relevant keywords with low competition will help boost the traffic of your MLM blog.

To help you with it, use keyword research tools to learn relevant keywords in your niche.

But make sure that you’re using the keywords moderately and not spamming your content with it.

Traffic generation methods and strategies go on and on that you will never run out of ideas to promote your blog. Just keep on the lookout of what’s hot and what’s not so you won’t be kept out of the loop.

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