Do’s and Don’ts in Creating MLM Duplication


Do recruit the right people

Let the qualified leads come after you and don’t chase after the wrong prospects.

You need to understand that not everyone is interested in MLM, not everyone has the right skills to develop a thriving business.

Attract the individuals who share the same mindset as you. There are many fishes of that kind in the ocean. All you need to do is use the right fishing net.

Do become a leader

You can’t be successful in MLM duplication without becoming a leader first. Get yourself into training. Develop the right skills, attitude and mindset. Let yourself grow and reach your maximum potential.

Remember that in order to create a winning team that will duplicate your efforts massively, you need to become the mentor who will teach them the ropes.

Do incorporate both online and offline marketing

Instead of focusing on a single method to create MLM duplication, why not use both? Online and offline marketing have their own advantages. Offline marketing can help you penetrate the market within your reach and can provide competitive advantage against your competitors from distant places.

On the other hand, online marketing will give you an opportunity to find prospects anywhere in the world, making your potential prospects unlimited.


Don’t be a lazy network marketer

Don’t rest on your laurels, as the saying goes. Don’t be comfortable. Just because your downlines are doing the hard work doesn’t mean you have to sit back, simply watch them move, and cash in on their productivity.

That’s not fair. And NOT a good practice. This is a mistake in MLM that you should definitely avoid. Remember that you’re the leader and your team looks up to you. If they see you cozying up, chances are, they’ll do the same until nobody is left working.

Don’t duplicate failure instead of success

Going on board the “MLM ship” without the right tools and techniques can lead to failure instead of success. Get yourself into training and never stop learning. Remember that times are always changing.

And if you want to make it big in the industry, you need to keep up with the changes and stay ahead of the competition. Duplicate this kind of attitude and watch your duplication efforts grow exponentially.

Don’t force yourself into your warm market and cold market

Unless you’re prepared to lose your warm market and cold market permanently, leave them alone. They are not your qualified leads.

Respect that. Instead of shoving your offer down these people’s throats, find the ones that are already interested in your business and let the uninterested ones go.

Now that you know the Do’s and Don’ts of MLM duplication, it’s time to take your MLM business up a notch. Click here now!