Five Characteristics of a Qualified MLM Prospect

Leads, prospects, customers formulaIn order for your MLM business to succeed, you will need prospects. But not just any prospect. They need to be qualified.

You may be wondering, “Edmund, what do you mean by qualified prospect?”

To explain it further, here are five characteristics that will help you understand what a qualified prospect is:

1. A qualified prospect is someone who’s aware of the product and have a need for it

Let’s say you’re selling a weight loss product. Do you suppose you can promote it to fit and skinny people?

No. That’s not what a qualified prospect is all about. The prospect you’re looking to approach is someone who needs to lose weight.

Otherwise your marketing efforts will be put to waste.

2. A qualified prospect is someone who has a sense of urgency about making a buying decision

This is easy. Why would you sell your MLM products to someone who’s not interested in what you have to offer at all?

Just because that prospect has a need for a certain product doesn’t mean they will want to buy it. Look for the ones who are actively looking for your opportunity. That will be your qualified prospect.

3. A qualified prospect is someone who have the ability to buy or join your MLM business

Maybe Prospect A is really interested in what you have to offer. But there’s a catch. They can’t afford it.

That last bit automatically makes them unqualified. Don’t just consider their interest alone, keep in mind their purchasing power as well. It’s also an important trait of a qualified prospect.

4. A qualified prospect is someone who listens to what you have to say

This characteristic goes hand in hand with #2. Because how can you pitch your MLM business opportunity to someone who couldn’t care less to what you have to say?

You can’t market your product to a prospect who refuses to give you the time of the day. Find a prospect who will hold on to your every word and is willing to listen to what you have to say.

5. A qualified prospect is someone who has trust and confidence in you

Another characteristic of qualified prospect is having trust and confidence in not just you but also in your MLM business. You may be offering a great and effective product.

But if you a prospective customer doesn’t trust you to deliver, then they’re not qualified at all.

So before you start pitching your MLM business to your prospects, make sure that they’re qualified. Otherwise, you’ll be up for a disappointment.

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