How To Engage Your MLM Prospects

Conversion FunnelIf you think making a sale is as easy as making a pitch or promoting your business, then think again.

Well, you may find success doing it the first time. But what about the succeeding prospecting efforts?

What you need to learn is how to engage your MLM prospects to not only make sale but to also get a referral and repeat purchase from them in the future.

So how do you engage your prospects?

Here’s how:

1. Start a casual conversation

Engaging your prospect in a casual conversation will easily put them at ease. Remember that you want to gain their approval to get that sale.

So talk about the topic that interests them. It can be sports, entertainment, politics or, as trivial as it sounds, even the weather. Just make them feel comfortable around you, not think that you’re already prying on their private life.

2. Host a speaking event

Use the opportunity to host an event for your prospect and his own prospective prospects. Maybe he’d like to attend an event to learn more about what you have to offer.

Instead of inviting him to attend to the standard business opportunity meeting provided by the company, go out of your way to set up an event where your prospects will feel comfortable. This will beneficial for you as the people your prospect invited can be a good addition to your MLM downline organization.

3. Foster relationship

You can do this by showing that you care for their needs and that you don’t see them simply as a means to make a sale. You need to gain their trust and confidence, which means that you need to reach out to them on a more personal basis.

It’s as easy as asking how their day went or how their kids are doing. Let them know that you are after their welfare and not after their money.

Soon, you’ll see that they will have utmost trust and confidence in you that you will lead them to the right direction.

4. Give them a free service

There are a number of free services you can provide to engage your prospects and get them to trust you.

Maybe a free coaching session, or perhaps you can impart valuable marketing tools to them that will help them build their own MLM business, or whatever it is that you feel will benefit your prospect.

See how easy it is to engage your prospects to gain their trust and confidence? Now that you know how to do it, it’s time to foster relationship with them.

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