How To Use Twitter For MLM Lead Generation

How-To-Use-Twitter-For-MLM-Lead-Generation1) Tweet short, tweet often 

Get prospective leads’ attention by tweeting as often as you can.

But it’s not to say that you should spam their timelines with irrelevant tweets. Keep your tweet fresh and useful. Don’t just tweet links.

Remember that it is also essential to follow up with your prospects.

Keep them updated and answer their questions. Share what’s new about your MLM business and MLM blog.

Keeping your prospects engaged is a good way to keep their attention and eventually recruit them into joining your MLM business.

2) Hook it up with your other social media accounts

By doing this you are not limited to one social media site. You can connect your twitter account to Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.

This way, you are not just reaching out to Twitter users. You are also connected to your friends/connections on other sites. Thus, expanding your reach.

What’s more, you can connect your Twitter account to your MLM blog too. By using Twitter widget, your latest tweets can be published on your blog.

3) Revamp your Twitter account

This is an important MLM lead generation technique. A good starting point might be a new background for your account. Or a bio that could help users identify you with MLM.

Professional eye candy would be one of the first things they’d look for and pull attention toward your account – a good start for making leads.

You should also include links relevant to your business like the company website or business opportunities your MLM business offers. Also make sure you put some calls to action in visible parts of your Twitter account. This would generate more interest and more leads.

4) Follow and you will be followed

Following other people on Twitter doesn’t mean that people can’t follow you by initiative. The purpose of this is to generate interest. It’s just like knocking on someone’s door you meet to offer them cookies. You make them aware about you and tell them about your MLM business.

You can search for MLM prospects using search engines especially designed for that purpose like Twitter Search and “Who to Follow” located on the top right of the page.

You can search people according to keywords used in their tweets, profession, etc.

5) Let the search engines optimize your Twitter account

Incorporate common relevant keywords in your account and posts. The more keywords you type in the better chances are that your Twitter account would be displayed in search engines.

One place to put in a keyword is your username (or handle in Twitter speak). You can also ask your followers to retweet your updates.

Retweeting increases your credibility and opens the way into curiosity and popularity. This is another good strategy to get more MLM leads.

6) Keep everything real

Show people you are not a robot by participating in discussions, helping out with the needs of others, and not much automation, except in special cases.

Though it is encouraged to send automated messages to people who just followed you, it’s better to keep it at a minimum.

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