Tips For The Busy MLM Blogger

Multitasking manWith so many sales to make and MLM leads to generate, it’s hard for network marketers to give internet marketing a try, let alone spend time blogging.

Since blogging takes time and effort, it will demand your attention.

Maybe not 24/7, but a lot of attention nonetheless.

So how can you squeeze blogging into your busy schedule?

Here are some tips for you:

Schedule your posts

If you struggle with finding time to publish your individual blog posts, why not opt to schedule them instead?

Take a day off to write down a number of blog posts.

Create enough that will lasts weeks or months, depending on your mood to write. Just upload it to your MLM blog on a draft form and publish them on a schedule.

Remember that your ultimate goal is to write quality posts. It’s always quality over quantity.

Use social media automation

To make your promoting your blog posts easier, take advantage of automation. Nowadays, there are social media management tools that will help you automate content sharing and promotion.

From Hootsuite, to Seesmic, to TweetDeck – with these tools, you no longer need to visit each social media site just to share your content.

Not only that, you’ll also be able to track the progress of your accounts through these tools.

Keep an idea list

Another effective tip for the busy MLM blogger is to have an idea list in place. If you get ideas for your future blog posts, write them down.

You don’t have to finish the list in one sitting. You can add ideas to it whenever the inspiration hits you.

Here’s a pro tip for you: think of a topic and create headlines out of it. It will make writing down ideas a lot easier and more effective.

Outsource your blog posts

If there’s really little to no time for you to spare, you can always outsource your content. Hire someone to write your blog posts and then make your revision to make it sound like you wrote them.

It may cost you some but it will surely save you a considerable amount of time. Just make sure that the freelance blog writer you hire can deliver quality posts.

Maintaining a business MLM blog is not an easy task. And just because you’re too busy doesn’t mean that you’re going to take it for granted.

Just remember the benefits and advantages you won’t be getting if you disregard it completely.

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