If You Are Trying Too Hard, You Gonna Fail

Do you face this problem when you first started out building your network marketing business?

“After doing the Memory Jogger activity, I DON’T have any more friends!”

“Every of my friends I talk to, they are avoiding me…”

“Even my best buddy, don’t pick up my phone call any more”

Sound familiar?

Yeah, these happen to me when I first started out building my network marketing business.

You see, in network marketing business, if you are trying too hard, you gonna fail.


Because you are positioning yourself as a person who needs your friends more than they need you.

When you are in network marketing, the things that you are marketing are “Great Products” and “Opportunity”

Let’s me paint you a scenario…

Let’s say today, if Steve Jobs – Founder of Apple (although Steve is not here already, rest in peace), call you, and offer you the opportunity to own some shares in Apple and let you know that you can be part of it, and ask you to meet at his office at 2 pm tomorrow, what’s your attitude like?

Are you feeling excited and can’t wait to meet him tomorrow at 2 pm or are you feeling that it’s another boring opportunity… “See how… when I have the time… then I go take a look…”

You see when you are marketing your opportunity, you should position yourself as “Steve Jobs”.

People know that Apple is a proven money making system. If you are in, you sure make money.

You need to have a strong belief that your network marketing opportunity is the next APPLE.

Ok, I understand… when you are starting out, when you don’t have enough friends or prospects, you will have this feeling that if these few prospects of mine don’t join me, I will not have any more prospects to talk to.

With this mindset… I can tell you… your prospects can feel that you need them more than they need you.

You are trying too hard to find prospects. It’s like begging them to be your prospects.

You should let the prospects find you and tell you…

“I’m ready! I want to join you NOW!”

Sound cool?

This can be solve by this system which I am using it now…

MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP)

Let me show you one screenshot below.

Facebook Request

There are 72 friends request in my facebook!

How do I do it?

I just send an email blast to my newly built list of 2000+ subscribers in the network marketing niche to add me as their friend in Facebook.

You see, if you are building a list of subscribers, you can effortlessly have friends request you to be their friend and wanting to know what you do.

See what will happen to you after they have added you as friends.

Facebook-Request-ThanksThey will thank you to become your friend.

You see, when they request to friend you and wanting to know what you are doing, how’s your positioning can be shifted from instead of needing them, they need you more.

This positioning process is what I call attraction marketing.

You can learn this powerful technique in MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP).

I hope this blog post can benefit you in your network marketing journey.

Let me know what you think by commenting below.